International Industrial Plant & Equipment Sales

In the context of economic fluctuations, business cycles, restructuring, introduction of new quality standards, production relocation and insolvencies, plant is constantly being released.

IndustrieWert GmbH offers expert consulting services for an efficient, fast and profitable property sale in user markets. We know these markets and are experts whose daily business is to market vacated industrial plant, machinery and equipment and sell them to other users.

  • Our service

    • Creation of a sales exposé
    • Use of our own extensive database system and database-supported distribution system
    • Internet-Sale through e-mail and virtual marketplaces
    • Use of international networks
    • Support in conducting sales negotiations
    • Monitoring of the dismantling
    • Transportation and export documentation
    • Control of the purchase price receipt
  • Your advantages

    • No middlemen required
    • Avoidance of storage costs
    • Achievement of a extremly high sale price paid directly to you
    • Outsourcing of time-consuming and labour-intensive sales and distribution documentation to professionals
    • Minimisation of financial risk of default and the warranty and liability risks

IndustrieWert GmbH operates as an industrial services provider internationally. 

IndustrieWert GmbH
Dominikanerstr. 40
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